Dissolve Therapy treatments work on releasing deep seated habitual contraction patterns in the mind, emotions and body. We work through the problematic areas in the body and organs, guiding you into an open, spacious state of being, and developing a new habit. A habit of release. This powerful new skillset and habit will transform your life.


In a one on one setting, you’ll learn further techniques that will keep opening your body and mind…the sky is the limit in fact! 

When we combine this training with the Dissolve treatment, we are attacking the ‘problem’ from both sides - your old habits don’t stand a chance!

This regime will turn you into a super human - you’ll feel solidity and groundedness, fluidity and openness.

Supreme Rewire program

This one month program is a highly effective and potent plan that rewires your system. It is perfect for people that want to dissolve depression, anxiety or any other debilitating state of heart. You’ll receive 1 Dissolve treatment and 1 Dissolve training session per week for a month. After 4 weeks your skill and ability to dissolve will be substantial, and you’ll be able to enjoy life again.


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