Kieren Daniels

Dissolve therapy. What a perfect description of my session. All the built up tensions and my attachments to them melted away leaving only light. I walked away with the tools to maintain my reconnection to peace and a newer more profound understanding of the choices I am capable of making. Thank you.

Remo Rettiner

I’ve been three times to Dissolve Therapy and highly recommend this to everyone who is interested in deep release on all levels, and finding stillness & freedom. I have seen and meet many skilled therapists from all over the world and Andy is one of my favourites. He is giving you an invitation to let go of your tension, your holding on – and allowing you to free yourself from clinging to old stuff which is not needed anymore.

His presence is warm, open and empty and makes it easy to heal, and meet the no mind – where you experience real freedom beyond body and mind. It is much more then treatment for releasing symptoms of pain and tension – this therapy is giving you the chance to heal the cause of the symptoms – the holding on.

May many people get the chance to have this therapy and healing work with Andy. It is a blessing to meet you and see soon again.
with deep respect for your healing work you are offering

Anna Mitchell

I really don’t know where to begin, what a kind, gentle soul. I had never heard of this form of treatment before – but I personally knew that I had not accepted and let go of a lot of pain in my life.

My treatment was amazing – it was like an inner body journey of self discovery. I felt a very warm connection as the treatment began. I was taught what tension felt like, and then how to let it soften and dissolve. It was very interesting to feel the change of tension , which I didn’t know I had, leave my body! I quickly, with Andy’s help, began to recognise this feeling, and had fun with it. As Andy worked on my internal organs, it felt as if my body was not my own, it felt softer and lighter.

I would whole heartedly recommend this treatment, as an inner healing. Andy teaches you the techniques so you can heal yourself.

What an amazing and wonderful guy.

Thank you Andy


I had a one-on-one session with Andy late last year and it has chilled me out heaps.
You know when they say – “Let go of your thoughts and problems. Relax!” and you go, “But how?” – Andy teaches you how to do it.
He helped me to experience what it feels like to dissolve tension throughout my body’s tissues, and with that I also learnt how I can melt tension in my mind – how to do that elusive “letting go”.
I feel much more connected with my body. I have found more balance and it has brought me closer to a healthy level of detachment from worldly dramas.
I use the technique (and the memory of the feeling I had during and after the treatment) all the time when I feel myself tense up, be that in body or in mind.
It was the most supreme guided meditation – I have never before been so focused on my body and my mind/thoughts for such a long time. Afterwards I felt quite exhausted and wrote in my diary “I am so relaxed – I hope I remember to hold onto this.”
Then last weekend I attended a 3-hour workshop and it was a great top-up of what I have learnt. Cruising and chilling. It’s so much easier now!!!
Thanks so much, Andy!!! Namaste


Both, the workshop and the therapy have been an amazing experience. One of these ‘must experience to believe’ experiences. Thank you, Andy! I was able to eat and digest with no problem. I have tried everything, lost hope. I am smiling since yesterday. Still smiling after the breakfast ^_^ Amazing ^_^

Dissolve is an emotional detox. Nothing feels better than offload of kilos and kilos of emotional rubbish, levitating experience :)

love Dissolve Therapy

K.T Rusch

We loved getting dissolved in Milwaukee! Thanks for bringing it – beautiful natural healing moment


I am extremely grateful for the 3H dissolve therapy we had last week …

Long story short – My “Achilles’ tendon” snapped out while cycling across Asia in 2008 – 3 ruptured ligaments in the ankle in 2010 (trail running) where it took 8 months to get back to normal (with massive body misalignment) – lead to “slip disk” in 2011 while doing “dead lift” …

I spent thousands and thousands of $$$ in sport medicine (MRI & Xray & etc.), physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractor, yoga, all other kind of alternative “specialist” – with very little results – yeah can walk but no more Muay Thai, squash & tennis, run or other form of high intensity “stop and go” …

I had more results in a 3H session with Andy than in anything I’ve try RELIGIOUSLY in the last 4 years … My calf and Achilles’ tendon are back to being “alive” (lost neurological connection by being so long in the cast) – and my “twisted hamstring (that caused my hip to be constantly out of place – lead to back pain)” finally “released” to find back is natural position.
I am 100% serious about the results – anyone that wants verbal feedback is welcome to contact me via FB.

Simon Amon

Not only does the depth of Andy’s knowledge seem endless, he truly embodies his own teachings. This is something I look very sharply for in any teacher, I scan for any form of hypocrisy, which lights up like a neon light, be it concealed or all too obvious. Andy truly walks the walk, practices what he teaches. The experience of spending some time with Andy, even leisurely, is uplifting and profound. His everlasting sincere smile only momentarily makes place to explain the deeper mechanics of letting go, finding peace and releasing desires. All these qualities carry on in his touch, sensitive and deep, be it therapeutically or martially. His system could not carry a more striking name than Dissolve Therapy, for you literally feel tension of all sorts dissolve permanently. I feel truly honoured to call Andy my senior Kung Fu brother, and even more so, my friend. Even while writing this, a sense of deep gratitude comes over me and it motivates me to strengthen my practice and carry a positive attitude towards myself and my surroundings. Thank you, Andy!

Tobi Warzinek

A spiritual path to awakening without kindness at it’s very base is much like a skyscraper built without any foundation whatsoever. It can never lead to the highest attainment.

One of the most dedicated students of Sifu Adam Mizner, Andy Mack. On this picture he’s practicing Taiji in the park when wild birds come and sit on his arms. Andy strikes me with his kind presence and wonderful energy – a teaching without words.
I highly recommend to check out his Dissolve Therapy when you are in Phuket.

Kirsten Durwood

I chose to try Dissolve Therapy because I have felt for some time that my body is becoming a hard and unyielding object. Although I am healthy and active, I was very stiff and blocked. I was hoping that the therapy would allow me to become more flexible. What I gained was so much more, a way of being that will allow me to have a more positive and effective life. For years I’ve been struggling with trying to let go of emotions and things that happened in the past. That’s the first thing I learned from Andy – to stop trying. As the time continued I learned how to let go and make space in my body. I realised how much time I waste replaying experiences when time and energy could be spent so much more constructively. I learned how to move past saying words and really feeling and meaning them. I’ve tried many therapies in my life, but Andy’s treatment is unique. As well as being truly dedicated to his craft and focussed helping people heal and grow, he also has a great sense of fun. I’ve discovered that parts of my body that I actually thought were bone, can become soft and yielding rather than resistant. I learnt how to be more flexible, less reactive, and more releasing both mentally and physical through a technique that I can continue to apply through practice. On top of the pure sense of release that I received from the physical sessions, I feel that I have been given a really great gift, one that I can continue to get benefit from for the rest of my life. Anyone can benefit this, I do recommend that you take your health and happiness in your own hands by putting yourself into Andy’s


Thank you!
I’m still walking around with an open heart and a smile on my face.You helped me compress all the knowledge into a easy fundamental direct experience that I’ll carry with me all my life .

I will process the entire ” journey ” inwards you have put me through and write these days a testimonial that hopefully will inspire other humans open and willing to live at the bleeding edge of their potential and ready to commit to uncover this easy yet so complex and perfect tool and dissolve, drop conditionings, fears , believes, become innocent , truthful and pure again.
I send you a highly energetically charged hug for a good evening !
Love and light

Carrie Palmer Crossot

I would like to express my appreciation for my Dissolve experience and the difference it has made for me. 8 months ago I met with Andy when he was in Milwaukee for a workshop. I’m so glad I did! Our work together has made profound and lasting effect. My Dissolve session relieved me instantly from some long lasting chronic body issues, but Andy also shared with me skills that I am able to use every day- to investigate and do a little dissolving on my own! It’s really made a huge difference for me and I am truly grateful. If you have an opportunity to experience Dissolve work I absolutely recommend you do


This was heavenly! Andy lit a way to another path of true relaxation, calmness and awareness of achieving inner peace. I dropped so much tension in one session, that I could have flown away, if Andy did not insist on carrying me.

His calm and embracing aura has a rolling effect on everybody around him. It was an absolute honour to have met Andy as he is an inspiration!

Vinny Fenech

The most amazing human being I know. Thank you for continually guiding and supporting me.. My life has changed so much since meeting you nearly 2 years ago what a change it has been I’m now able to gift my daughter with what I have learned from you for this I’m indebted to you. I love you man each day I train with you is another amazing day in my life Metta Andy Mack.

Hi there to you who may be reading this post, let me tell you something about a very special man - Andy. I was so fortunate to have stumbled across him on Facebook and when i read what he claimed he can do i wanted to try it for myself. Having Anxiety and panic disorder for a very long time and not to mention terrible nightmares to go with all the stress i needed something.. So not to talk about me but about the man himself ANDY. My very first session with him was amazing he showed me some very special things and his treatment was just something i have never experienced in my life ever, his way of showing you how to melt and dissolve tension is out of this world, the results speak for them self. I have now done 3 sessions with Andy and i can say from my heart he has changed my life for the better. On my 3rd treatment with him i remember feeling great and just so happy i was able to smile and feel my heart from inside, something i have not felt in a long time. Another amazing thing was the night of my 3rd session, i woke up in the morning thinking something is not right something is different, i had actually had my first night in as many as 10 years DREAM FREE. Yes this is correct i kid you not dream free and since doing my treatments with him my sleeping pattern is so much better and the dreams are a lot less frequent. So for a man who claims what he can do let me tell you, he can do a lot more. I highly recommend anyone who just wants to put the smile back on there face or for people who suffer, Andy can help you to remove it. Check this wonderful human being out.. Andy Mack is a true healer, thank you for my new life path and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for helping me put the smile back on my face and in my life.


Absolutely brilliant! Wonderfully educational and fun workshop. Good, rewarding hard work with great people and I highly recommend seizing any opportunity to attend!

Danny Simons

Hi Andy I don’t often feel compelled to write testimonials for professional services tendered but I want to do so in your case because I would like to share my experience and spread the word. The results of my first therapy session with your were instantaneous. I had been suffering with bad neck and shoulder pain for a long time due to the fact that I work on my computer, sitting at my desk for 8-10 hrs a day, 5-6 days a week. The pain had become so intense and distracting that my work results were noticeably suffering. The pain was no longer limited to when i was at my desk and it was even stopping me sleeping which further affected my general mood and overall well-being. In short i was feeling terrible, both physically and mentally. After one session with you the pain simply “dissolved” and after following your simple instructions on how to regulate my energy and dissolve my pain and stress, I have had no reoccurrence of the aches and pains that have plagued me for years. I must also add, that not only did my pain “dissolve” but after my first and second sessions with you my energy levels rose to heights i had not felt in years and my creativity and vitality rose along with it. I am now feeling refreshed and revitalised and I owe it to you and your treatment. I can’t recommend your treatment highly enough and I can say from first hand experience that what you do and how you do it, would help anyone feeling stressed, tired, anxious, pained or generally feeling run down. I can’t wait for my next treatment

Julie Marsh

Guys, this is something you won’t want to miss! Andy Mack is back..and if you haven’t had a session with him before, you are missing out!

What I experienced….hmmm how to do you find the right words to express such a remarkable session?

In my line of work, I have found it very difficult to find a practitioner with the same, or better, skills who can really move anything that is holding me back. Due to this, I’m very good at getting myself out of any blockages I may find myself in. When Andy offered me a session on his last trip, I didn’t have anything in particular going on for me, didn’t have any set thing that I “needed” to work on. I just accepted this amazing gift with open arms. Willing to receive whatever came through.
I was very surprised at Andy’s amazing energy and open heart space, something I had never felt before..anywhere. The power of his work really shone through and when we had finished, I was completely blissed out and my heart was soaring. (even more than normal! ha ha ha)
Since the session, I have felt more connected with myself, in fact, more connected with my soul. For those of you who have had sessions with me since, it was from this balance that I started speaking in tongues, chanting, singing and really embracing that Medicine Woman I have ALWAYS been…for many life times.
Andy’s session will take you to a whole new level.

Andy, I can’t thank you enough for your gift and how I have fully’ connected with myself and can’t wait to see you!!’

‘Andy’s workshop was amazing! And, as seems to be the trend…no one wanted to leave again.

Beautiful energy from Andy and everyone who attended. Thank you all for making the workshop so special. ..Remember. ..keep softening!


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