Begin your journey with the Dissolve Therapy fundamentals course. Here you will learn how to find space within yourself, to find space within other people.


So many problems in the body come from a lack of space, mentally and physically. Once we begin to find space within these “ailments”. They begin to dissolve.


For the first half of day 1, we will focus on opening the body, grounding, clearing ourselves. This natural progression of openness, calm, stability that we find within ourselves, we will then move onto partner work. Working on the lower mid and upper torso areas. Finding tension in our partners and showing them how to dissolve it. 


By the end of the second day, you will have a new skill set. A skill of release.


This course is the first step to becoming a Dissolve Practitioner. If the practitioner route isn’t something you’re after, this new skill will deepen all facets of your life, whatever that may be.


Looking forward to seeing you soon!


(In Person) Dissolve Therapy Fundamentals Course - London 24-25 October

  • Dates

    24th - 25th October

  • Time

    10am - 4pm

  • Location

    Grange Primary Webb Street, London SE1 4RP, UK


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