Online counselling

Anxiety, fear, depression, fear, envy, disgust, hate, jealously, anger, sadness, loneliness - All of these are ALL a form of CONTRACTION.

We're offering 1:1 private sessions. Not to talk about your problems. Not to solidify your problems.  These sessions are here to teach you how to release this habitual contraction that so many of us are caught up in, constantly pushing things away, pulling things closer. Holding onto thoughts, holding onto emotions. Getting stuck in a vicious repetitive cycle.

1 month online packages

(each session is 20 minutes long)

Immersing yourself into either one of these 4 week packages will help break that habitual contraction pattern that we are so caught up in!

  • 1 Private Session Per Week

  • Daily text message reminders


Bronze package

  • 2 Private Session Per Week

  • Daily text message reminders


silver package

  • 5 Private Sessions Per Week

  • Daily text message reminders

  • Personalized Routine


gold package

Spend 30 minutes with one of Dissolve Therapist. They'll show you how to get out of your head and into your body. Leaving you feeling calm, grounded and happy.


30 minute zoom



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