Dissolve 1 month transformational Package

The training is the other unique feature differentiating Dissolve and other modalities.


In a one on one setting, you’ll learn further techniques that will keep opening your body and mind…the sky is the limit in fact! We are approaching the problem from both sides. From the treatment and training - your old habits don’t stand a chance! This regime will turn you into a super human - you’ll feel solidity and groundedness, fluidity and openness.


Within this 1 month program, you’ll receive the initial treatment of 90 minutes to experience the full Dissolve Therapy session. The following treatments will be 45 minutes long. The private training/coaching sessions teach you how to get out of your head and into your body, discovering how to release tension on a an even deeper level.  It’s a perfect combination with the Dissolve Treatments

1 month program - £750 


1 x 90 Minute Dissolve Treatment

3 x 45 Minute Dissolve Treatments

4 x 60 Minute Private Training/Coaching Sessions

This program is designed for people who want to change - who are sick of being victims, sick of being angry, sad, anxious, fearful, depressed or bored.


Dissolve treatments are a dynamic experience for both the therapist and patient alike, building a new functional habit that will change the way you see the world.

Your therapist will show you where you’re holding habitual tension and you’ll both work to Dissolve that mental, emotional and physical blocks.

This is exceptionally blissful, especially working problem areas such as the stomach or throat. Imagine the feeling of releasing baggage you’ve been holding for 20, 30 or 40 years - it’s beyond words!

And the lovely news is, you’ll walk away with the skills to Dissolve in everyday life.

This new habit will transform your very being.

45 Minute Treatment - £100 

90 Minute Treatment - £175

Dissolve therapy


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