Dissolve is an ancient technique and view, that has been wrapped up and delivered in a very unique & new package. Dissolve gives you the ability to penetrate and release the root of the contraction in your mind, emotion/energy and body.

Now this contraction, is the cause of so much of what you experience as bad or negative…and even what you don’t feel through numbness or blockages.

Most mental and emotional ailments - depression, anxiety, fear, sadness, boredom are all contraction.

As to are many of the problems in the body. Injuries that don’t heal, organs that don’t work properly causing intolerances and allergies for instance. The list is endless.

Dissolve Therapy is truly a unique method for releasing deep seated habitual contraction patterns in the mind, emotions and body. We work through the problematic areas in the body and organs, guiding you into an open, spacious state of being, all whilst developing a new habit. A habit of release. This powerful new skillset and habit will transform your life and those around you.

So Dissolve teaches you while you’re having a treatment! It is dynamic session - you and the therapist are working together! And after the session, you’ll understand through experience.

Dissolve is great for anxiety, anger, self doubt, stress, fear, depression, old injuries, releasing constricted organs, allowing the body to self-heal.

And if you really get into Dissolving, we offer courses where you can learn to do the treatment on others - you can become a Dissolve Therapist. Imagine that… Dissolving as a ‘job’!




So let’s talk about these two - father and son, Andy and Duran Mack. They’ve been traveling the world over the 14 years learning, treating and teaching. In a very traditional sense, Andy has been guided by his teacher, Adam Mizner, this whole time. Andy has been completely immersed in his own personal cultivation quest. And what he has found is astoundingly effective at easing the heart. It’s so direct!


After almost a decade in Thailand, spending long periods training in the forest temples and huts, living the quiet life. Andy and Duran are now based in London’s famously beautiful akasha spa - hotel cafe royal on regent street , piccadilly circus and also in Corfu, Greece - where they are building a training centre. The pair have been busy offering Qi setting ( aka Bone Setting - as seen in the telegraph, The Times, Evening Standard, Conde Nast traveler, Tatler magazine, London magazine and Forbes magazine ) 


Andy oversees and runs Heaven Man Earth Internal Arts workshops throughout the EU and Duran is the head Instructor at the London branch of HME Internal Arts London .



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